We will use Perusall as an online reading tool for the compulsory book 'Global Health 101'.

The goal of each reading assignment is to stimulate discussion by encouraging you to post good questions or comments, to help others by answering their questions, and to upvote good questions or comments to draw the attention of your classmates to important ideas.

You can read 'Global Health 101' completely online through Perusall. There are also 6 assignments in Perusall, one optional in week 1 to get you started, the others get graded and are part of the final mark of your Minor Global Healht exam.

You can find the 6 assignments directly through:

  1. MASTERCLASS Global = Local - week 1
  2. Global Health 101 - week 1
  3. Global Health 101 - week 2
  4. MASTERCLASS Essential Medicines - week 3
  5. Global Health 101 - week 3
  6. Global Health 101 - week 4

Perusall Deadlines